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With our 40 year track record of excellence, LISTCO has long been an acknowledged and respected industry leader in direct marketing, with services to business organizations that seek to attract new clients and consumers, and to non profit organizations that seek to acquire new donors. We also enable these organizations to upgrade and intensify their relationship with their existing consumers/donors/clients.

From the initial conception of an effective direct marketing campaign, through all of its complex and interrelated phases encompassing market identification and penetration, and creative, data processing, production, mailing, and analysis services - all the components necessary for the successful performance of your campaign - LISTCO is your indispensable guide and partner, integrating seamlessly and efficiently with you and your staff.

What We Do

l. Conception and Planning/ Working Out Your Campaign

Based on our painstaking and thorough analysis of the results you wish to achieve, we sit down with you to work out your total direct marketing plan and all of the intermediate, integrated stages necessary to bring it to successful realization. This is the essential blueprint for your entire direct marketing campaign.

2. Your Targeted Market/Determining Whom To Mail To

What demographic populations must you reach to achieve your consumer/donor/client goal? Our extensive experience in all phases of direct marketing enable us to "zero in" with precision on the population segments crucial to your campaign's success. By means of our decades-long expertise in all of the technologically demanding complexities posed by demographic identification and penetration, we are able to pinpoint and segment your optimum market by every relevant measure, including but not limited to age, occupation, indicators of wealth, address, sex, ethnicity, and more that are essential to your campaign's performance.

3. Acquiring Your Targeted Market/Obtaining Names and Addresses for Mailing

Acting as your authorized agent, we acquire the names and addresses of prospective consumers/donors/clients throughout the nation, in the hundreds through the millions, that are specifically required for the success of your campaign. As an industry leader in direct marketing with extensive contacts and unsurpassed credibility, we accomplish this with no wasted motion - providing you with expense savings which few other direct marketing firms can achieve.

4. Refining Your Targeted Market/DataProcessing to Eliminate Duplication, Verify Addresses, and More

We employ state of the art data processing methodologies to weed out unproductive prospects from your campaign's outreach. This ensures the delivery of your direct marketing campaign materials, promptly and on schedule, and without costly duplication and wastage in printing and postage, to the precise market segments that will be most responsive to your message. Efficiency of this magnitude requires in-depth knowledge of the US Postal Service's procedures and its complex, constantly changing mailing requirements. This is a highly specialized area in which, through long experience, we are thoroughly adept.

5. Presenting Your Marketing Message/Writing and Designing Your Package

Your direct marketing campaign is only as effective as the words and designs in which its message is presented to your consumers/donors/clients. With a superbly talented and fully staffed creative department, we are acclaimed industry-wide for the visual and written effectiveness of our materials. In precisely crafted words that persuade, in eye catching designs that impress, our printed materials - your printed materials - enhance the certainty of a positive response from your consumers/donors/clients.

6. Producing Your Direct Marketing Materials/Printing Your Package

Our printing capabilities are among the broadest, most varied, and most advanced in the direct marketing industry. From mass printing campaigns in the millions to lasered personalized campaigns in the hundreds, we provide the printing precisely suited to your campaign, thus eliminating wastage and holding your costs to a minimum. Whatever materials your campaign requires - letter based direct mail packages, brochures, booklets, presentations, and a host of other persuasive, attractive components - we provide them.

7. The Final Destination - Your Targeted Market/Mailing Your Package

Our ultra-modern mailing facility employs swift, wastage minimizing, and state of the art technology to get your campaign materials into your consumers/donors/clients' hands efficiently and on schedule. At LISTCO there is no improvisation that forces a small amount of generic equipment to perform myriad mailing-related tasks for which they are not exactly suited, thus running up your costs. We employ a broad range of advanced equipment that is precisely tailored to every mailing need.

8. Analysis and Projection/Evaluating Results to Strengthen Follow-up Campaigns

A direct marketing campaign is never complete until all of its results have been aggregated and analyzed, and productive projections made for follow-up campaigns. As with all of our services, LISTCO has an outstanding record of performance in this area. We provide you with complete, state of the art data management services. We are thus able to pinpoint precisely, in broad revealing stratifications, in small groupings, and literally by individual, where, with whom, and why your campaign succeeded. The exactness of this data enables us to determine the modifications that may be required in your subsequent campaigns. We provide you with this essential service whether your consumer/donor/client file is maintained on your own in-house data base, or on the one we create and maintain for you.